2013 NBA Playoffs: Where do the Bulls go from here?


Actually, that’s not a hard question- the Bulls are first heading to Brooklyn to face the Nets in that franchise’s first playoff series in the borough of Biggie, game 1 is Saturday at 7pm (ESPN).

In the face of many reasons why they shouldn’t, many pundits have the Bulls actually making a run this year in the postseason. That belief has lead to much hand-wringing over whether or not the Bulls should have got the 5th seed that they ended up with (thus leading to a possible 2nd round meeting with Miami) or if they should have fallen back to 6th, allowing them to avoid the Heat until the conference finals.

This may be all sound signifying nothing because of the Heat, unless Larry Sanders crushes LeBron’s Achillies somehow, but if you don’t have some storyline heading into the playoffs than you’re not a contender, so this is about as good as its gonna get for this year’s team.

Let your voice be heard- are the Bulls on the right path to a possible magical playoff run? And stay logged on to weareregalradio.com for our playoff preview coming in time for Saturday’s opening games.

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