Ricketts, City Hall make a deal on Wrigley renovation including new signs, more night games, – Chicago Sun-Times

The main entrance of Wrigley Field, and most things surrounding it, will look real different soon.

Ricketts, City Hall make a deal

Call this one a Sunday night special, or an editors worst nightmare.

The timing wasn’t ideal for the release of this information but nothing has been easy or very sensical in regards to the dealing between the Cubs brass and the City of Chicago, but as Sun-Times city hall reporter Fran Spielman reports it is official- the Cubs will remain in Wrigley (and the city limits) and the classic appeal of the 99-year old stadium and the immediate area around it will soon exist under a new, added sheen of large advertisements and various other money-grabbing additions.

The big news is the proposed 5,000-square-foot video scoreboard that will be set up above left field along with an 800-square-foot see-through sign (hoping for some Minority Report-type action) and at least 10 more night games a year.

Reading about the set number of night games that has been established as of late surprised me. First, I didn’t think that such a number would have still been in use (currently it is 30 a season)- maybe 20 years ago when the lights first came on at Wrigley, yeah, but not now. Secondly, and it is brought up in the story above, you’d think MLB would have pushed harder for them to appear on national night games and such. Makes me think more about the past parsing of these night games and whether or not past potentially high profile games have not been shown on ESPN, Fox, et cetera because the Cubbies weren’t willing to budge from 1:20 pm.

Anyway, this lifts a huge weight off of what is shaping up to be another sad season. Now that the Ricketts clan is assured of new revenue streams in the only place where it makes sense for their team to play, maybe Theo Epstein and those who help bring talent into the franchise will be allowed to make moves that actually help the Cubs, instead of more Edwin Jackson-type signings (tough sixth today).

Kyle Means, Regal Radio Online Editor


Walking Wrigley on Opening Day

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