Just get on with it… (Midnight Dispatch #01)

I wanted to write something awesome here, really I did. My first post on this new blog- trying to show myself to be a writer of worth again, a provocative and unique voice and all that. I got a tooth that feels like shit though and I’m fighting off sleep and good sense like Rick and the crew fighting off the Governor (or Andrea fighting off zombie Milton, as in not successfully).

Speaking of things I watched tonight though, yeah, I saw the Ware injury, saw it live. Luckily, I believe, I saw it without the aid of twitter, which puts the moment I saw a young man’s leg bone break his skin on a basketball court in the minority among significant sports moments I’ve viewed in recent years. A later search under Ware’s name on social media gave me a taste of the reaction in the moment but there was nothing to me like seeing it happen, seeing the replay and twice rewinding the replay as bewildered and increasingly shocked family members of mine watched from my grandparent’s den. Laughingly, my dad told me to get back to the live action as I was getting too happy with the rewind button on the U-verse remote. And yeah, I probably would have rewound and paused for posterity as much as I could to simply grasp what the hell I saw. It may seem that I was engaging in injury porn, but I wasn’t. As my brother in law brought up the Marcus Lattimore trifecta knee destruction on his phone, I was completely stuck in the moment, stuck in equal parts disgust and deep sadness. I was shook.

Here you have a guy who was just being an athlete, doing something an athlete does and all at once his world shatters, his spirit suffering as much of a compound fracture as his right leg for all of our amusement- at least if it was me (or you probably), that’d be the case- the howls you’d have heard from me from Lucas Oil Stadium would have haunted your soul through the wires of your cable, through the waves hitting your satellite, no matter how far your den was from me you’d know how I felt.

It’ll be interesting to see how far the ripples travel from the splash in our consciousness that this moment created. Family obligations kept me from seeing Louisville’s second-half breakthrough to eliminate Duke (yes!) but I saw the Louisville women’s team get its David on against Baylor’s shot-blocking, prolific-dunking Goliath and if you don’t think that effort was inspired in part by the men’s team’s highs and lows from earlier than you don’t know much about how men’s and women’s college basketball teams relate. It damn sure is good to be a Louisville Cardinal right now and I’d be willing to wager that most of us college basketball watchers will be Cards throughout the next week.

Do it for Ware, do it because he’s starting a hell of a road on and off the court and beyond you guys he’s gonna receive precious little support  outside of what you guys offer, do it because exposed leg bones on the basketball court should not be done in vain.

Let WARR know how you feel

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